Data Governance Starter Pack

Based on the upcoming book, months of research and years of experience this starter pack is exactly what you need to get your data governance program on the road!

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Analytic Services Based on Years of Experience


Need a Jump Start?

You know you have a problem but you don't know what it is?  I will spend one day with you and use my tried and true diagnostic methods to tell you what ails your analytics program. #Consulting #Services #Advise #CAO

Need a map?

It's not exactly like renting a car but not that different either.  Perhaps you had a leader that left or you need a leader and are having a hard time finding one.  I will fill the gap and bring along insights, experience and job descriptions.  I'll even hire my replacement. #Consulting #Services #Data #Analytics #CAO


Maybe you have a project or another effort that needs some attention.  Together we will discuss what you need and customize an offering that gets you on the road to success! #Consulting #Services 

Nice Stuff People Say...

Asking Laura to Speak

 "Laura is a smart dynamic speaker who consistently moves her audience to think in new ways about the value, role and power data plays in decision making."

Anne Marie Heil

Senior Director Marketing Programs, Healthcare


"This was an eye opener and punch in the gut I needed to relinquish control and democratize data to the sales force I support. I truly appreciated the presentation and the message. Laura was amazing and so engaging. "

Working with Laura

"Laura has been a valued consultant and advisor to me, always willing to tackle challenges with a great sense of humor.  As our BI consultant, she helped me develop a roadmap for our BI program and advised our Data Governance committee as we were forming and establishing our DG Charter.  Laura and I discussed at length what makes a great BI analyst; I built an exceptional team based on those principles. She provides practical advice based on deep experience, and delivers that in a collaborative and supportive manner."

Director, Analytics

Large East Coast Health Plan 

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