About Us


She knows her stuff but she's too midwestern to brag


Laura Madsen dislikes formal bios. Which is too bad because if she liked them this would be a great opportunity to learn about Laura’s twenty-year history in healthcare analytics, the books she’s written and her fun stories about being an international keynote speaker and --of course--the stuff she’s founded (she's good at finding things). Other important things to know about Laura are she’s a wife, mother, Halestorm fan and passionate advocate for all things data.


Please go elsewhere...

If you're looking for the easy answer or over-priced services that deploy lots of people to do "stuff" there are plenty other organizations that are good at those things.  If you need pragmatic steps, realistic answers and a passionate leader you've found it.  


Why Us?

My singular goal is to make you successful.  I will cut through the BS, tell you what you may not always want to hear and bring solutions that can help get you back on the road.  If this sounds like something you are looking for, then I look forward to what we can do together. 

Contact Us

Interested in more?  Want to check in with Laura?  Just send an email to laura@routetwentyfive.com